Sunday, June 20, 2010

Slice of the Rainbow

My first rainbow cake!!!!!!!!! I made this cake when I found out some of our friends were coming over to visit with us.


For our Halloween party I made cupcakes, cakes and mini cakes

Baby cupcakes

I also got this idea from my wonderful book Planet Cake.  I made them for my next door neighbor when I found out she was pregnant and didn't know what the baby was.


I made this cake for my friend's daughter's second birthday

Maybe I can make a cupcake omelette out of these

I loooove making these cuppies.  One batch of cake makes about a million.  The yoke is actually lemon curd and the top 'egg shell' is melted chocolate shaped into an egg.

Must be Valentine’s day

Valentine's cookies for neighbors.

Buzzebra theme?

Giant cup cake

I made this for my neighbor's kid's birthday